how to travel to Raasay

Is Raasay worth visiting?

The Inner Hebrides is a part of the Isle of Raasay. It is a great island to visit for hiking, cycling, kayaking, birdwatching, and getting away from the world.

Is Raasay open to tourists?

We look forward to welcoming you. People visiting Scotland’s islands are encouraged to take two tests. Before you travel to our island, please read our COVID-information.

Can you drive on Raasay?

You can either leave your car in the car park or take the ferry to the Isle of Raasay. The vessel has tickets for sale. Ensure you look at the right timetable for the date of your visit because CalMac operates Summer and Winter timetables.

Does anyone live on Raasay?

The Isle of Raasay has 170 inhabitants, one distillery and one restaurant, yet it has been named among the world’s best islands to visit in 2020. We find out what to see on the quiet and overlooked neighbour.

How do you drink Raasay gin?

G&T is a classic gin cocktail. You can serve it with your favourite mixer, ice and orange peel, expressing the oils into your glassand around the rim.

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