Where is Nonsuch Island located?

The Nonsuch Island is part of the Castle Harbour Islands Nature Reserve. Nonsuch Island is the most important site for the preservation of rare andthreatened species. It is close to the south-easternmost point of Cooper’s Island and at the east entrance to Castle Harbour. The British overseas territory of Bermuda has a parliamentary government. The British monarch is the head of state.

Do you need a passport for Bermuda?

People traveling between the United States andBermuda are required to present a passport to enter or re-enter the United States.

Why is Bermuda so rich?

The fourth highest per capita incomes in the world can be traced back to offshore financial services fornon-resident firms.

Can UK citizens move to Bermuda?

If you’re a citizen of the USA, UK or Canada, you don’t need a visa to enter the island. You will be staying for less than three months. You can come and enjoy everything the island has to offer if you have a valid passport and return ticket.

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