Where is muckle roe?

There is an island in St. Magnus Bay to the west of Mainland. It has around 130 people who mostly live in the south east of the island. ‘Muckle’ is Scots for big or great. The cliffs are 30 35 m high. There are storm boulders on the ramp. At 50 m OD is the lighthouse. Norn and Scots were both spoken in Shetland before Scots became the main language, and these have changed over time to become some of the dialectwords we use today.

How many islands make up Shetland?

The group of about 100 islands, less than 20 of which were inhabited, are located north of the Scottish mainland at the northern part ofthe United Kingdom.

What does Voe mean in Shetland?

The narrow bay of the Orkney and Shetland islands is referred to as an inlet.

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