Where are the Jason Islands?

The far north-west of West Falkland is where the Jason Islands are located. The Wildlife Conservancy of New York City owns three of the islands. There is a group of islands in the northwest of the Falkland Islands. One of the most abundant islands in the archipelago is 10 km long and km wide. There is a self-governing overseas territory of the United Kingdom in the South Atlantic Ocean. It is northeast of the southern tip of South America and east of theStrait of Magellan.

Why do Argentina want the Falklands?

Many colonies gained their independence after the British Empire declined. After joining the UN in 1945, Argentina stated its claim to sovereignty over the Falkland Islands.

Why are Falklands so important?

The Islands were used as a refuge for whalers in the chilly waters of the South Atlantic Ocean. The Islands were a useful outpost inthe British Empire.

Can British citizens move to the Falklands?

British nationals don’t need a visa to enter the Falkland Islands, but may need a visa to transit other countries. Visitors are not allowed to work without a permit. Work permits can’t be applied for in the Falkland Islands.

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