What train line is Canvey Island?

The towns of South Benfleet and Canvey Island are served by the Benfleet railway station. Although it is not immune to crime, Canvey Island is one of the top 5 safest towns in Essex. Canvey Island’s police unit is active in engaging with crime. Canvey Island has a small, sheltered beach called Thorney Bay. To the rear of the beach is a grassy area with a play park that is ideal when the kids have had enough of playing in the sand.

Is Canvey Island mainland UK?

Canvey Island is a low-lying island on the north shore of the Thames estuary. South Benfleet is where the island is connected to the mainland.

Are trains running from Upminster to Benfleet?

It is possible to travel from Upminster to Benfleet without changing trains. Each day there are 95 direct trains from Upminster to Benfleet.

Is Benfleet station contactless?

Benfleet does not accept Oyster cards. You will have to purchase a ticket at Benfleet station if you can’t purchase a ticket at Stratford.

Is Canvey Island a deprived area?

Canvey Island South, Canvey Island Central, and Canvey Island Winter Gardens were identified as areas with high deprivation and health inequalities by the Essex County Council.

Can you swim at Canvey Island?

Can you swim? The children’s tidal swimming pool is one of the best features on Canvey Island. There isn’t a lifeguard service.

How long is Canvey sea wall?

75% of the island’s perimeter is surrounded by a sea wall that is 24 km long and spans Benfleet Creek to the north and East Haven Creek to the west.

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