Is Papa Stour inhabited?

How to get to Papa Stour. Papa Stour has an inter-island ferry that runs four days a week. Booking is important. The best way to see Papa is on foot, because there is only one shortroad on the island. The island was first populated around 3000 BC and is thought to have been settled by Missionary Celtic priests as early as the 6th century. Many people stayed on Papa Stour in the 19th century, but now only a few people live here full time. The population of Fetlar was 61 at the time of the census in 2011. Houbie is the main settlementon the south coast.

Things to do
  • Kayaking. Papa Stour has some of the most impressive sea caves and reefs in Britain, which support a range of marine flora and fauna. …
  • Diving. …
  • Walking in Papa Stour.

Who owns fetlar?

The home of the Nicolson family at the east end of the island was left empty in the late 19th century. The lodge will be preserved and restored for the benefit of islanders and visitors.

How many Shetland Islands are there?

The group of about 100 islands, less than 20 of which were inhabited, are located north of the Scottish mainland at the northern part ofthe United Kingdom.

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