Is Colonsay open to visitors?

Welcome to Colonsay. We hope you have a relaxing holiday after the stress of the last year. Our welcome, though warm, will need to be socially distanced as we all comply with Scotland’s COVID-rules. The ferry from Oban to Colonsay takes two hours and 20 minutes. You can sail from Kennacraig, which takes 70 minutes. The Colonsay House Gardens are worth a visit. One of the finest rhododendron collections in Scotland, as well as an extraordinary array of unusual trees and shrubs, can be found here. You can grab a bite toeat on the terrace.

Are ferries running to Colonsay?

Every day from March to late October, Colonsay is served by a car ferry from the port of Oban. The summer timetable will run from March to October 2020. The winter schedule runs from October to March.

Do I need a car on Colonsay?

You don’t need a car to explore Colonsay on Two Wheels. The modern world and the whirr of mobile phones were behind me when I chose to hire a bike.

Who owns Colonsay Island?

Colonsay Estate has been in the family for over 100 years. The current owner is Alex Strathcona, 5th Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal, who lives on Colonsay with his wife, Jane, and family.

Where can you sail to from Oban?

It’s just a ferry ride away to enchanting isles such as Kerrera, Lismore, and Iona.

Where is Colonsay?

The island of Colonsay is located in the Hebrides. The island of Mull is fifteen miles to the north and is visible from a high point on a clear day.

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