Is Brownsea Island open to visitors?

Brownsea Island is no longer open to the public. March 19, 2022, is when we will re-open. A foot ferry takes you to Brownsea Island. The service is currently suspended. There are only ferries departing from Poole Quay. There are three main ways to walk on Brownsea Island. Which one will you follow? The view points and woodlands walk offer stunning cliff top views across the Purbecks and can be the perfect spot for a warmingspring time picnic.

Can you take a car to Brownsea Island?

There are no public cars allowed on the island and no facility to get them over here. There is a public car ferry between Shell bay and Studland.

Can you stay overnight on Brownsea Island?

Groups can stay overnight on either the campsite or South Shore Lodge. There are lots of places to pitch your camp at the 200 capacity campsite.

Does anyone live on Brownsea Island?

He is part of a community of about 30 people who live on the island all year round. There are many overnight guests and day visitors in the summer months.

Can I land my boat on Brownsea Island?

Pottery Pier, the most popular landing spot at the west end of the island, is in need of restoration and is not usable. As shattered pottery still lines the shore, be careful. You can pay for landing at one of the donation boxes on the island.

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