Is An American Tail based on Maus?

The terrible conditions immigrants to the United States faced at the turn of the century are the subject of An American Tail. The Jewish immigrants are represented by the mice and the cats are represented by the anti-Semitic tormentors. There is a description. Henri is a pigeon from France who searches for Fievel when he washes up on Ellis Island. He takes care of Fievel, giving him a bath, and telling him that he can find his family by singing a song. Fievel takes this message very seriously. Fievel’s best friend is the orange tabby cat named Tiger. Tiger is a vegetarian. Tiger met Fievel and his family. He moved out west to Green River, Utah with Fievel’s family and his girlfriend Miss Kitty.

Is Fievel a real name?

The male name of Hebrew origin is Bright One.

What is the only food to eat on the ship in American Tail?

The family leaves for America from Germany. The only food on the ship was herring fish.

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