How to get to Roberton Island Bay of islands?

Roberton Island can only be accessed by boat, helicopter or a very skilled kayaker. You can expect to enjoy the most relaxing of escapes when you visit its shores because there are no public facilities. The first island that the commercial boat cruises visit after leaving Paihia or Russell is Motuarohia/ Roberton Island. You can take a water taxi, paddle a kayak, ride a jet-ski, ortake your own boat. The largest island in the Bay of Islands of New Zealand is Urupukapuka Island. The island is a popular stop for tour boats to the Hole in the Rock and is also serviced by ferries for day trips fromPaihia and Russell.

Can you stay on Urupukapuka Island?

The largest campsite on the island is Urupukapuka Bay. There are 20 tent sites along the beach front and Oyster Catcher has a maximum of people.

Who owns Urupukapuka Island?

The Bay of Islands is home to the Urupukapuka Island Recreation Reserve. The island was gazetted as a Recreation Reserve in

Can you fish at Urupukapuka Island?

The Bay of Islands is home to some of the best fishing spots in the world. Locals have some insider tips.

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