How long is the ferry from Kirkwall to Shapinsay?

The island of Shapinsay can be reached by ferry from Kirkwall. The regular service of theMV Shapinsay runsthroughout the day. Wetlands and costal heath are some of the habitats found in Shapinsay. A wide variety of birds can be seen. The Castle has a restaurant and a hotel. Fresh fruit and vegetables are picked daily for the kitchen from the private gardens. Wild flowers can be seen during walks in the woods. The castle iswell worth a visit.

Where is Shapinsay?

There is a small island just a few miles north of Kirkwall in Orkney. The island of Shapinsay is just 30 minutes from Kirkwall. Tradition says that the isle was once home to thieves and witches, but now it is a haunt of cormorants, kittiwakes and seals.

How do I get to Orkney Islands?

By ferry. The only way to reach the archipelago of islands from the rest of Scotland is via ferry. All major cities and towns can be reached via buses, trains, and taxis.

Are ferries running to Orkney?

Every evening and the following morning, NorthLink Ferries sail from Aberdeen to Shetland and from Shetland to Aberdeen. The ships call in at Orkney frequently, arriving in the late evening before sailing on to Aberdeen or Lerwick.

Is Balfour Castle open to the public?

According to its website, Balfour Castle is now a private house and has ceased to be an exclusive use venue.

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