How do you get to Yell?

There is a way to get to Yell. There are daily ferries from Toft to Ulsta. You can take the car ferry from Yell to Unst or Fetlar. There is a bus service between Ulsta in south Yell and Cullivoe in north Yell.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite places in Yell.
  • The Old Haa Museum, Shetland. …
  • The White Wife of Queyon, Yell, Shetland. …
  • Windhouse in Yell – Shetland’s most haunted house. …
  • Aywick Stores in Yell, Shetland. …
  • Burra Ness Broch in Yell, Shetland photo © Copyright Charles Tait.

The best way to get from Lerwick to Yell is by bus. How long does it take to get from Lerwick to Yell? The bus leaves from Viking Bus Station six times a week.

Where is Yell UK?

The new headquarters of Yell was in Reading, United Kingdom.

Where is fetlar?

The population of Fetlar was 61 at the time of the census in 2011. Houbie is the main settlementon the south coast.

How far is Yell from Lerwick?

The distance between Lerwick and Yell is miles.

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