How do you get to the Isle of Iona?

The most direct way to get to Iona is via the Craignure Ferry. It takes 1 hour from Craignure to Fionnphort. The bus service connects with the ferry at Craignure. The journey from Craignure takes 20minutes on the bus. The beach area of North End Iona is one of Scotland’s most beautiful places. The ‘Bay at the Back of the Ocean’ seems to get all the coverage. Unless a special permit is granted, visitors are not allowed to take cars to Iona.

How much is the ferry from Oban to Iona?

The easiest way to get from Oban to Isle of Iona is to take a ferry and bus.

How much is the ferry from Fionnphort to Iona?

Fionnphort to Iona Ferry can be found at Romerio.

Do you need a car on Iona?

If you want to take your car on Iona, you will need to apply for a Permit Opens in a new window. Iona is less than a mile across, so getting around is easy.

Can you stay on the island of Iona?

On the island, you can find a wide range of accommodations that cater for all tastes and budgets. One of the family run B&Bs or one of the island’s two hotels could be a good choice. There are several self-contained houses on the island.

Can you swim on Iona?

Iona is one of the most beautiful places to swim in Scotland. There is a choice of beautiful beaches on the Isle of Iona. There are no cars allowed on the Island, soa walk is required.

Can you walk around Iona?

Iona is small enough to be explored on foot, but still offers a wide variety of walks. There are many places to enjoy in the city, from strolling along a beach at the North End, to admiring panoramic views from the top of Dun I.

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