How do you get to the Isle of Eigg?

You can catch a ferry from Mallaig. The Small Isles ferry service runs all year round. You can travel from Arisaig during the summer months. The Isle of Eigg is one of the smallest Hebridean islands on Scotland’s west coast and has one of the most diverse landscapes in Scotland. It takes 1h 20m to get from Mallaig to Eigg Ferry Terminal.

Can you take a car to the Isle of Eigg?

You can catch a ferry to the Isle of Eigg. The joy of visiting our island is leaving your car behind, so please note that visitors cannot bring their vehicle to Eigg.

Can you do a day trip to Eigg?

Depending on the day, you can stay on the island for between 4 and 5 hours. As you approach the Small Isles, you have the opportunity to see island views as you leave Arisaig.

Can you take a camper van to Eigg?

Is it possible to bring a car, camper van or motor bike? Unless you are a registered disabled person, island residents only. How long is it to walk across the island? Depending on how fast you walk, it can take between an hour andhalf and two hours.

Can you stay on Isle of Eigg?

An organic sustainable croft based in the north of the island, Eigg Organics offers a variety of accommodation options, including a traditional Mongolian yurt, a bothy and a camping area which has been voted as one of the Top 10 Campsites in theUK by The Guardian.

Who owns muck?

The resident population of 40 is doubled in the summer because it’s low-lying and fertile. The MacEwen family have been farminghere for a century.

What is it like to live on Eigg?

It’s fair to say that life on Eigg is different from city life. If a limit is exceeded, residents’ electricity usage will trip. There isn’t a phone signal, little in terms of wi-fi connections, and one caf.

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