How do you get to the Isle of Barra?

The main route to the mainland is by CalMac ferry. The crossing takes a long time. The ferry from the island of Eriskay takes 40 minutes. It’s a good idea to make vehicle reservations. It is a special place to visit if you arrive by plane because of its beauty, including beaches, hills, machair and moor. The airport is one of the most unusual in the world, with flights landing on the beach in between tides. There are three main routes. You can either fly from Glasgow or Benbecula or take your car with you.

How long should you stay on Barra?

How many days should we plan? Excellent advice from scotlandmac. If you have ten days or more, I think it’s worth starting on Barra and spending two or three days before you head north. The islands of Vatersay and Barra are worth a visit.

Can you walk around Barra?

Most of the time you can see the sea and the main hills while walking on BARRA and VATERSAY. One of the best ways to view the surrounding islands is to ascend Heaval, the highest hill. You can see the isles to the South on a clear day.

Is there a ferry from Barra to Tiree?

The ferry takes 2 hours 45 minutes from Oban, 55 minutes from Tiree and 5minutes from Barra.

How many miles around is Barra?

There is a sealed one-way circular drive in the island of Barra in the Outer Hebrides. The road is paved.

Can you cycle around Barra?

The 185 mile cycle route starts at Vatersay and ends at the Butt of Lewis, which is connected by ferries and causeways. Spectacular scenery and awesome coastlines can be provided following the official National Cycle route.

How long is the island of Barra?

There is a geography. There is an area of 23 sq miles and a length of km.

Are there buses on Barra?

The service makes a circuit of the island and is subsidized by the local council. The internet has time tables. A detailed knowledge of school opening days is required to catch certain buses.

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