How do you get to St Mary Isles of Scilly?

Skybus takes you from Land’s End Airport to St. Mary’s. Return on the passenger ferry from St. Mary’s Harbour to Penzance Harbour. Is it possible to bring my car? It isn’t possible to bring your car to theScilly Isles as all large freight must be craned on and off theScillonian. The road on St. Martin’s is less than a mile long, so you don’t need a car.

Three ways to connect to Scilly
  1. Fixed wing plane. Skybus. Fly to the Isles of Scilly from Land’s End, Newquay and Exeter Airports. Find out more.
  2. Ferry. Scillonian Ferry. Sail on Scillonian passenger ferry from Penzance Harbour to St. …
  3. Fly + Sail. Fly out, sail back. Fly out to the Isles of Scilly, then sail back to the mainland.

Can you get a ferry to the Scilly Isles?

The only ferry route between England and the Isles ofScilly is operated by one ferry company. The Penzance to St Mary’s ferry crossing has a scheduled sailing duration of.

Do you need a passport to go to Scilly Isles?

An expired passport is acceptable if you bring at least one form of ID. A valid photo license.

How long is the boat trip from Penzance to Scilly Isles?

The crossing from Penzance to St. Mary’s takes around 2 hours and .

Can you take dogs to the Isles of Scilly?

The wide open spaces, choice of beaches and a swim in the Atlantic Ocean are what your dog will enjoy inScilly. You can visit for a day if you keepyour dog on a lead.

Can you see the Isles of Scilly from Lands End?

There are great views along the coast towards Sennen and Land’s End in one direction and the Botalleck Engine House in the other. On a clear day, you can see seals and if you are lucky, choughs,dolphins or sharks.

Which airports fly to Scilly Isles?

We started with charter flights in 1984 and now offer a year-round service from three airports.

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