How do you get to St. George Island?

George Island State Park has a fishing beach. The East End of the state park can be reached by walking or bicycling. The Sugar Hill Beach Use Area parking lot is 5 miles from the narrow road that leads to the gulf side beaches. George Island State Park is open. The East End Special Use Area is closed because of damage caused by Hurricane Michael. The best airport is George Island, FL. Once you are on the island, you will want to rent acar and drive down.

Is the water clear in St. George Island?

The water in St. George’s Island is mostly emerald green throughout the year. Seasonal weather patterns, the tide, and high surf are some of the natural causes of the color.

Can you stay on St. George Island?

You can stay in one of our cozy coastal rooms or grand suites and experience all that St. George Island has to offer. Many of the non-smoking rooms offer gulf views. The rooms we offer are pet friendly.

Can you drive on the beach in St. George Island?

George Island is not included in Franklin Boulevard and Gulf Beach Drive. You can cross these roads in a golf cart, but not on the bike path. The Plantation’s roads are not considered county roads and golf carts are not allowed.

Are there alligators on St. George Island?

Bald eagles, sea birds, and alligators can be found on the eastern end of St. George Island.

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