How do you get to Sao Jorge Island?

The easiest way to reach the island is by plane. The small airport, which opened its doors in 1989 and is located near Velas, is operated exclusively by SATA Air Acores, which offers flights to and from Terceira and Ponta Delgada. One of the few islands you can fly into directly from the UK, USA and Canada, and one of the most popular walking holidays is our Terceira & SaoJorge guided walking holiday. 4% of the Azorean population live on SoJorge Island. The islands in the Azores archipelago were discovered by the Portuguese.

What does Sao Jorge mean?

The island of the same name is 900 miles from the west coast of Portugal and part of the Azores archipelago. SoJorge is a robust, aged cheese ripened for between three and seven months before beingsold in the market.

Where is exactly St Jorge island?

Ilha de SoJorge is a volcanic island in the central Azores of Portugal. The island of Graciosa is 35 miles south of S£oJorge. It measures 36 by 4 miles and has an areaof square miles.

What’s the population of Sao Miguel Azores?

50,000 people live in Ponta Delgada, the archipelago’s largest city, and the island covers km

Where does Seu Jorge live?

Last year, Roga and his wife brought their two boys with them when they moved from S£o Paulo to Los Angeles.

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