How do you get to Penguin Island?

Public Transport
  1. Take the train south from Perth on the Mandurah line and disembark at the Rockingham Station.
  2. Catch bus 551, 552 or 553 from stands 9 or 10 outside the train station and get off on Penguin & Watts Road.
  3. Walk along Penguin Road towards the beach to our shop.

It is one of the best Perth Day Trips because it is so close to Perth. You can take a short ferry ride to Penguin Island Perth once you arrive atthe ferry terminal. 60 minutes

What is the best time to visit Penguin Island?

The only way to visit the island was by taking a cruise. Expect to see dolphins, pelicans, and sea lions on this cruise. You should make your first visit between late September and early June if you haven’t been before.

How much does Penguin Island cost?

There is no charge to visit the island, which is public land. Swimming with wild dolphins, sea kayak tours, kite surfing and more are some of the different boating experiences offered by Rockingham Wild Encounters.

How far is the walk to Penguin Island?

There is a distance between the mainland and Penguin island. If you’re considering doing the walk, you should consider whether or not you can swim 850 metres in a strong wind and seas.

How long does it take to walk around Penguin Island?

The Penguin Island Boardwalk & Walk Trail is a 1.5 km circuit hike. The hike should take about an hour to complete.

Are there sharks at Penguin Island?

A member of the public reported three bronze whaler sharks at Penguin Island, 200m offshore. It was not reported until later in the day. A helicopter spotted a 3m shark at Hillarys just before .

Can I take my boat to Penguin Island?

You can take your own small boat to the island, but it’s not allowed on the jetty. Put your kayak in the water. There is a sandbar between the island and the mainland, so people should not cross itfor safety reasons.

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