How do you get to Oronsay?

There is a small parking space at the end of the official road at the north end of The Strand. There is a 2.5 mile walk from Oronsay to the farm and Oronsay Priory. Make sure you check the tides when you do this. Colonsay is a great place to walk. The MacPhies of Colonsay and Oronsay are one of the highlights. A MacPhie is a point over 300ft on the islands and there are 22 of them which can be walked in a single 20-mile walk. The European dark bee is found in about 50 colonies in Colonsay and Oronsay. The Bee Keeping (Colonsay and Oronsay) Order 2013 was introduced by the Scottish Government to protect honeybees from diseases that are comon the mainland.

Is Oronsay inhabited?

Oronsay is a tidal island in the Outer Hebrides. The island has been empty since the Highland Clearances.

Where is Scotland colony?

The island of Colonsay is located in the Hebrides. The island of Mull is fifteen miles to the north and is visible from a high point on a clear day.

Do you need a car on Colonsay?

You don’t need a car to explore Colonsay on Two Wheels. The modern world and the whirr of mobile phones were behind me when I chose to hire a bike.

Is Colonsay hilly?

The terrain on the island is pathless and can be thick with vegetation.

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