How do you get to King George Island?

You can get to King George Island from the northern part of Antartica. The only way to get further south is on a cruise ship. You can either visit King George or take a ride on an expedition cruise ship. If you have a concern about crossing the Drake Passage by ship, this would save you time. It takes 48 hours to reach the peninsula by boat and by plane.

What is Antarctica population?

The number of residents varies from 1,100 in the winter to 4,400 in the summer, with an additional staff of 1,000 in the nearby waters. There are only permanent and summer-only staff at its many research stations.

Is King George Island inhabited?

The human population on the island is 500, and is limited to the research stations established and maintained by Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Ecuador, South Korea, Peru, Poland, Russia, and the USA. Most of the bases are staffed.

Are the Shetland Islands part of Antarctica?

The islands were claimed by the United Kingdom in theearly century.

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