How do you get to Jura?

Jura Island Tours run regular bus tours of the island and can also be booked for private hires. Either hire a bike from Jura Bike Hire at Craighouse or take the ferry to Islay. There is a bus journey on Jura. The car ferry from Port Askaig to Feolin takes under 10 minutes. Depending on time and vehicle, some crossing must be booked in advance. Colonsay (CSA) Airport is the nearest airport to Jura. Other nearby airports include Glasgow, Glasgow/Prestwick, and Derry. How long does it take to get from the airport to the island?

Is Jura worth visiting?

The Jura distillery is worth a visit. There are less than 200 people on the island. It is a stunning place. It takes less than 10 minutes to cross between the islands.

What is Jura famous for?

The Jura is a great place for lovers of French food because of the economy that revolves around producing renowned wine and cheese. It has stunning lakes, waterfalls, valleys, limestone cliffs, and more than 4,000 caves.

Are Islay and Jura worth visiting?

Many people on the Scottish mainland have never been to the beautiful islands of Jura and Islay. They have some wonderful attractions which are worth a visit.

Can you drive on Jura?

Jura is an island in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides. Visitors can explore the open landscape on the island by taking a ferry from Port Askaig. The east coast of the island is offered by the A

Can you take your car to Islay?

You can get the ferry from Kennacraig on Kintyre to Port Ellen or Port Askaig. It’s a good idea to make vehicle reservations.

Is the Jura ferry running?

It’s the perfect way to sail safe and sound. The passenger ferry runs fromMarch to September.

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