How do you get to Green Island?

From Kaohsiung. You can hop on a train to Taitung, take a taxi to the ferry dock, and then take the ferry to Green Island. Green Island transfers leave from the jetty. 30 minutes before departure, check-in is at the Reef Fleet Terminal. A comfortable catamaran is used for the Green Island Tour. Half-day full day and resort holidays are available for visitors to Green Island. You can get to Green Island via helicopter or ferry. Green Island attractions and sightseeing, Green Island events, and Green Island accommodations can be found here. We’re still open!

Is it worth going to Green Island?

If you have time and money, Green island is a great place to visit. There are a lot of lovely beaches to relax on, just near the jetty. The crocodile attraction is worth a visit. Even though it is expensive, I would go there again.

How many days do you need on Green Island?

You can’t go wrong if you spend at least two days on Green Island. There are a lot of beaches in the area, but they don’t offer the chance to swim onto the Great Barrier Reef from the shore.

Are there crocodiles on Green Island?

Marineland Melanesia is one of Green Island’s most unique attractions. It is also home to the largest private collection of Melanesian tribal artifacts and aquariums in the world.

Can you take your car to Green Island?

If you’re going to Green Island as a day tripper, you can either park undercover at the Casino or the Pier for about $10 a day, or you can take the Council parking for $1.20 an hour. There is all day parking for $2 at the outdoor carparksnear Trinity wharf.

Can I take my boat to Green Island?

The Green Island day-use area is in the Great Barrier Reef. One of the most accessible islands on the Great Barrier Reef can be reached by ferry or private boat.

Can you see the reef from Green Island?

On your trip, you can snorkel, dive, see the reef from a semi submarine or glass bottom boat, or spend your day on the white sandy shores of Green Island.

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