How do I get to West Falklands from East Falklands?

The ferry runs from New Haven to Port Howard. As the boat nears a landing, there is a sense of being able to reach out and almost touch the land on either side, as the vessel makes its way through the narrows to Port Howard. The only way to get to the islands is by plane. On Saturdays, LATAM flies from Santiago to Mount Pleasant Airport. This military facility is also an internationalcommercial airport. The Ministry of Defence in the UK flies directly to the Falklands with a stop in Cape Verde. On Sundays and Wednesdays flights leave the UK. Return flights leave the Falklands on Tuesdays and Fridays.

How long is flight to Falklands?

15 hours 30 minutes is the average direct flight time. It takes 15 hours 30 minutes to fly from BrizeNorton to Falkland Islands.

How long is flight UK to Falklands?

15 hours 33 minutes is the average direct flight time. It takes 15 hours 33 minutes to fly from London to the Islands.

Can you fly from Argentina to the Falklands?

The flights leave every Saturday from Santiago to the islands and then on to Mount Pleasant Airport in the Falklands. Visitors can easily visit for a week from Argentina when the flight comes in once a month.

Why are there no trees on the Falkland Islands?

There are no native trees on the remote island due to the high winds and poor soil conditions. The ones that are still standing were planted a year afterthe conflict ended.

Can you move to the Falklands?

The holder of a permanent residence permit can enter, depart and reside in the Falklands without having to apply for a work permit.

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