How do I get to Shuna?

The gateway to the Islese is 20 miles south of the Hebridean tourist hub of Oban. The mainland pier at Arduaine can be reached by boat in around 20 minutes. You feel like you have the whole island to yourself when you have just six holiday cottages. The Gully family has owned the island since 1946. The farmer and his family let four houses as holiday cottages and had a usually resident population of in Eddie Gully, the island’s owner, told me in a handwritten letter that he would meet me at 5pm on the Arduaine Point jetty. Our rendezvous was found to be 100 miles north-west of Glasgow on a map.

Who owns Lismore Island?

Scottish island populations grew by 4% during the same period. Most of the resident working population are engaged in farming or fishing, and sheep raised on the island have a reputation for quality. Farmers are tenants on most of the land owned bythe Duke of Argyll.

Can you buy a Scottish island?

An island off Scotland’s remote north-west coast is up for sale for over 50,000 and it’s the perfect place if you’retired of city life.

Who owns Gunna island?

It is 500 metres wide. Marcus de Ferranti uses the house as a holiday residence.

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