How do I get to Ramsey Island?

How to get there. Between 1st April or Easter, whichever is earlier, the boats leave from St Justinians at 10 am and 12 pm and return at 4 pm. You can book your ticket through Thousand Island. The Thousand Islands have sole landing rights on Ramsey Island. There are a limited number of visitors allowed toland on the island. Set in a secluded area just 300m from the harbour, Felindre lodges offer self-catering accomodation away from city life. You can’t go wrong booking your stay at the Sloop Inn.

Can you swim to Ramsey Island?

You can always try swimming if you miss the boat. It only takes 32 minutes. The St Davids crew took on the challenge of swimming from Ramsey back to the station across the notorious Ramsey Sound yesterday.

Are there puffins on Ramsey Island?

There are puffs. They are members of the auk family. They can be found on Skomer island in large numbers and in a younger colony on the North Bishop.

Who lives on Ramsey Island?

The island has a permanent population of just two people, and they live in a farmhouse on the island.

Are dogs allowed on Ramsey Island?

Is it possible to take dogs? Dogs are welcome on Ramsey Island. We have to be respectful of other customers so there is a vetting process.

Can you kayak to Ramsey Island?

Horse Rock is halfway between St. Justinians and Ramsey Island. We towed playboats behind our sea kayaks as we paddled across Ramsey Sound to the small harbour.

Who owns Ramsey Island?

The bird reserve on Ramsey Island is owned and run by the RSPB. It was owned by the Church until the early 1900’s, when it was sold into private ownership and turned into a deer farm.

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