How do I get to Mosquito Island?

Getting to Moskito Island
  1. The closest international airport is Beef Island on Tortola (airport code EIS)
  2. Beef Island is a 35-minute flight from San Juan and 1-hour flight from Antigua.
  3. It is possible to fly to the British Virgin Islands via many parts of the Caribbean.

Each must be rented by a group for a minimum of four nights. Moskito Island’s luxurious stays do not come cheap, with rates starting at $17,500 per night at the Point Estate for up to 16 guests. The Oasis Estate startsat $19,000 a night. Drake’s Anchorage was a sail-in dive resort that used to be on the island. The island was purchased by Sir Richard in

Who lives on Moskito?

Richard is ready to welcome you to his island. No, not a person. Moskito is set to open this spring. After calling Necker Island his home away from home for more than 30 years, Branson acquired Moskito Island in 2007, and is finally ready to open it to you.

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How much does it cost to rent Richard Branson’s island?

Moskito Island is opening to the public for the first time. The entire personal estate can be rented for $25,000 per night. It is 2.5 miles from his other private island.

How much did Richard Branson’s island cost?

NECKER ISLAND is a private paradise retreat and a playground for A-list guests for decades. The British billionaire spent over $10 million to transform the island into a luxury resort after buying it for $180,000 in 1979.

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