How do I get to Flat Holm Island?

Depending on the tides and weather, you will get an average of 2.5 hours on the island. You will be able to see the island from the water on the return. Visitors can have a free guided tour on the island if they visit for a day. There will be a chance to relax and enjoy the island’s atmosphere with a cup of tea or coffee and a chance to visit the souvenir shop selling a variety of Island souvenirs. About. A small group of Trustees manage the island in the Bristol Channel. Due to its isolation, visitors are welcome to visit on scheduled trips, but it is a rewarding place to visit.

How much does it cost to go to Steep Holm?

The island is in the Bristol Channel and covers 48.87 acres at high tide. The highest point is 78 metres above sea level. How can you get there? It costs £30 for adults and £25 for children under the age of

Is Flat Holm in Wales or England?

The island of Steep Holm is part of England. The Wolves are two small islands that are approximately by .

Can you camp on Flat Holm Island?

Visitors can take in the island’s spectacular scenery while enjoying a selection of local beers, ales and wines at The Gull and Leek pub. Residential visits can be arranged for individuals and groups. There are both dormitory andcamping facilities.

Is Flat Holm island inhabited?

The first occupier of the island was St Cadoc in the 6th Century AD, who used the island as a retreat for quiet meditation.

What islands can you see from Penarth Pier?

Penarth used to be a major coal port and terminal for the Bristol Channel paddle steamers. It is on the South Wales Coast. There is a great view across the Bristol Channel to the English Coast.

How do you get to Steep Holm?

You can get to the island by taking a boat from Weston Supar Mare but you can onlyleave at high tide.

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