How do I get to Farne Islands?

Seahouses harbour is where you need to catch a boat to visit the Farne islands. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to spot seals and seabirds, as well as dolphins and whales, on the boat trip over to the islands. The Farne Islands were closed for 18 months due to the Pandemic. Visitors will be able to take boat trips from the harbour at Seahouses and land on InnerFarne from The habitat for seals and many species of seabird Inner Farne is open to visitors. You will need to book a boat ticket with one of the three boat companies and purchase an admission ticket at the National Trust trailer on Seahouses harbour.

How long does it take to get to the Farne Islands from Seahouses?

Seahouses is approximately 1 hours north of Newcastle upon Tyne. Alnmouth and Berwick upon Tweed are the nearest railway stations.

Is Lindisfarne a Farne Island?

The links between Lindisfarne Castle and the Farne Islands go back a long way. I’ve been thinking about how much the Farne Islands and Holy Island have in common.

Why are the Farne Islands closed?

Due to the Pandemic, the Farne Islands were closed at the end of the visitor season in 2019. Visitor numbers will be limited to ensure safety and to monitor theimpact on wildlife.

How long does it take to get to the Farne Islands?

It takes around thirty minutes to get to the farthest part of the Farne Islands from the protection of Seahouses Harbour.

What islands are off Northumberland?

Islands in Northumberland
  • The Farne Islands. The Farne Islands. …
  • @janehuntley_photography. The Holy Island of Lindisfarne. …
  • Coquet Island. Crammed with birdlife for half the year, Coquet Island sits a mile off the coast of Amble.

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