How do I get to Dog Island?

Dog Island is only accessible by boat or plane. There isn’t a bridge to the mainland. If you don’t own a boat, there are a number of charter captains that can take you to the island for less than $100 each way. We can give you a list or arrange your charter for you. Dog Island is accessible by water-taxi or boat. You may want to walk the beachfronts, but be prepared to bring everything you need with you. No bridge has ever spanned the water between the mainland and the island, so you can’t get to Dog Island by car, train or bus. It is possible to arrive on a mini-ferry, boat or small plane.

Can you live on Dog Island?

Most of the homes on the island are vacation homes, but there are 30-33 full-time residents who use native vegetation for landscaping.

Are there alligators on Dog Island?

There is a stray alligator on the bay side of Dog Island. There are more than 200 species of birds listed there. The island has 400 types of plants, including Florida’s northernmost standof black mangroves.

How long is boat ride to Dog Island?

A passenger ferry runs from Carrabelle to the island five days a week in the summer and four days a week in the winter. It costs $16 for visitors and $12 for property owners.

Is there electricity on Dog Island?

People and pets are not allowed at the bird nest sites on the east and west end of the island. The fire department is made up of volunteers. Trash and electricity are available.

Does Dog Island have electricity?

The west end of the island has been without electricity since Labor Day because the craft that hauls heavy equipment from the mainland has broken. The only commercial establishment on Dog Islandis the Pelican Inn.

Are cats better pets than dogs?

Anyone who has a cat will tell you that cats are better than dogs. They are softer, sweeter, and smarter. They are cleaner and quieter. They’re masters of both lazy lounging and skillful hunting.

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