How do I get to D Urville island?

To get to D’Urville Island from the small French Pass township, take a water taxi (will need to be booked – see below).
  1. Note: if you are renting a vehicle, check whether your insurance covers unsealed roads.
  2. Be aware that there are no gas stations or services between Okiwi Bay and D’Urville Island.

In the northwest corner of the Sounds. It takes about 15 minutes to cross French Pass by boat and you can navigate the 69 km of road on your own. For people, cars, trucks, and bikes. We can take your vehicle to d’Urville Island where you can drive around and see the sights yourself.

Is the road to French Pass sealed?

The road to French Pass is mostly open after the turn-off, but there are some views to the east and west.

How long is d Urville island?

There is a geography. The island’s coastline is often found with islands formed from peaks between valleys. It spans 22 miles northeast/southwest and is a little over 10 kilometres wide at its widest point.

Who lives on Durville island?

There are around 40 permanent residents on D’Urville, which has a land mass of 150 km sq. She says there are more vessels around the island compared to when they first moved there.

Where is the French Pass in New Zealand?

French Pass is a narrow and dangerous stretch of water that separates D’Urville Island from the mainland coast of New Zealand. At one end is Tasman Bay, and at the other end is the outer Pelorus Sound.

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