How do I get to Bird Island?

The only way to get to Bird’s Island is by air. You can get a regular charter from Air Seychelles which will take you to Bird’s Island in . There is a weekly charter service to Bird Island by light aircraft. A return flight is automatically booked when a reservation is made for a stay on Bird Island. The controversy continued into the 21st century as Venezuela in 2001 made several moves to reaffirm its ownership of the islet, including announcing plans to expand the country’s small military base there.

What is Bird Island known for?

Bird Island was once home to many dugongs. Part of the island is home to millions of sooty terns and with a year-round population of at least 20 other bird species it is an ornithologist’s heaven.

What animals live in Bird Island?

The island is home to:
  • 65,000 Antarctic fur seals (around 1 for every 6 m2 (65 sq ft) of the island)
  • 50,000 macaroni penguins.
  • 15,000 pairs of black-browed albatross.
  • 12,000 pairs of grey-headed albatross.
  • 1700 pairs of wandering albatross.
  • 500 pairs of southern giant petrels (10% of South Georgia’s total)

Where is Bird Island in Florida?

A secluded island is for sale in Central Florida. Bird Island, located at 6001 Bird Island Dr., is a remote island that is part of the Harrison Chain of Lakes just outside of The Villages.

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