How can you travel to South Ronaldsay from the Scottish mainland?

Two ferries from the Scottish mainland arrive in South Ronaldsay.
  1. The car ferry from Gill’s Bay lands at 1 St Margaret’s Hope. It’s operated by Pentland Ferries, runs three times every day, and takes an hour. …
  2. The ferry from John O’Groats lands at 2 Burwick on the south tip of the island.

North Ronaldsay is 36 miles from Kirkwall and feels very remote. The ferry from Kirkwall takes 2 hours and . Westray is served by a regular ferry service and you can fly to the island with the Inter-Isles service. The shortest scheduled flight in the world is between Westray and Papa Westray.

How long is the ferry from Kirkwall to Westray?

The best way to get from Kirkwall to Westray without a car is to take a ferry. How long does it take to get from Kirkwall to Westray? It takes 1h 55m to get from Kirkwall to Westray.

Where is Fair Isle Scotland?

The most northerly island in Orkney is North Ronaldsay, which is 27 miles from Fair Isle.

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