How can I go to Unst?

You need to travel through Yell to get to Unst. There are daily ferries from Toft to Ulsta and from Gutcher to Belmont. You can drive between Ulsta and Gutcher for . You have to travel 18 miles from the Ulsta ferry terminal in the far south of Yell to the North East to reach Unst. The ferry from Gutcher to Unst takes . The Aberdeen Lerwick ferry route leads to Scotland. Northlink Ferries is the only company that operates this ferry service. There are up to 7 times a week when the crossing operates.

How do I get to Shetland Islands?

You can either travel by ferry or fly in Scotland. Northlink Ferries operates the main ferry service between Aberdeen and Lerwick. The crossing is done on a direct overnight sailing.

How do I get from Lerwick to Unst?

It will take 90 120 minutes to get from Lerwick to Unst. You don’t pay for any route from Unst to Lerwick. The only way to pay the ferry fare is from Lerwick to Unst on the Toft to Ulsta route. Payments are made incash at the moment.

What is the most northerly Scottish island?

Unst is the most northerly inhabited island in Britain.

How much does it cost to go to Shetland?

The average price for a 7-day trip to the Shetland Islands is over $1,000 for a solo traveler, over $2,500 for a couple, and over $4,300 for a family of 4. Most vacation rentals will cost $210 to $510 per night for the entire home, while hotels range from $60 to $274 per night withan average of $

Can you get a ferry from Orkney to Shetland?

The Kirkwall Lerwick ferry route leads to Orkney Islands. Northlink Ferries is the only company that operates this ferry service. The crossing operates up to times a week.

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