How can I get to Smith Island?

There is only one way to get to Smith Island. Depending on the season, the ferries leave from Point Lookout twice a day. If you want to stay longer on the island, you can charter a boat or get a seat on a cargo boat. The only way to get to Smith Island is by boat. The weather and season can affect the boat schedules to Smith Island. Round-trip service from the mainland is provided by the cruise boats. The captain only accepts cash on the ferry. Make sure you are on the boat in time for his departure. Birds can be seen along the way of the ferry ride.

Can you take your car to Smith Island?

If you leave your car in the ferry parking lot, the ferries will take kayaks and bicycles for an extra fee. There is amarina in Maryland.

Does Smith Island have a beach?

There are a number of boat tours and fishing adventures on Smith Island. If you can find a secluded sandy spot on Smith Island, you can kayak or boat to it.

Can you stay on Smith Island?

One of the most unique island getaways in the US is the Smith Island Inn. Smith Island is a great place to spend time with family and friends. Visitors have differentlikes and dislikes.

What is there to do on Smith Island?

17 Things to do on Smith Island, Maryland
  • Kayak around the creeks and inlets surrounding the island.
  • Visit the Smith Island Crabmeat Co-op.
  • Try Smith Island Cake.
  • Try the crabcakes.
  • Visit the Smith Island Cultural Center Museum.
  • Send a postcard from the post office.
  • Find the hidden beach on the nature reserve.

What can I bring to Smith Island?

If you want a libation of any kind, bring it with you. Smith Island has no liquor or beer stores. If you bring beer, wine, and hooch, you can eat at the island restaurant.

Is Smith Island dry?

The island won’t have a night life. Go to the B&Bs before you go to the restaurant. It’s dry and you can’t buy alcohol there. The boats from Virginia aren’t as reliable as the boats from Maryland.

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