Does Norway have islands?

  1. By boat. You can get to Vega by express boat from Brønnøysund or car ferry from Horn, which is a 15-minute drive outside Brønnøysund. …
  2. By car. The Vega Islands are located off the coast of Helgeland. …
  3. By plane. There are direct flights from Oslo to Brønnøysund, which is the closest airport.

The most famous of Norway’s hundreds of thousands of islands is the Lofoten Islands that dot the Norwegian Sea. During the last 66 million years, the planet was ice free. It was the last age of the dinosaurs before an asteroid hit the earth and ended their time on this planet. There were forests at both poles during this time period. The Hadrosaur fossil found on Vega Island in 1986 was an unnamed Hadrosaur.

Why can’t you be buried on Svalbard?

It was discovered by locals in the 1950s. The bodies of the dead that were buried weren’t decomposing. The temperature and weather on Svalbard are very cold year-round.

Can I buy an island in Norway?

Buying a private island in Norway is easy for foreigners. There are no restrictions for foreigners to purchase real estate in Norway.

Do they speak English in Svalbard?

Norwegian is the official language. Almost everyone speaks English. Russian and Ukrainian are spoken in Barentsburg.

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