Does anyone live on the Skerries?

The only people living on the island are the two RSPB wardens who spend three months of the year here monitoring the tern population. The skerries have a large number of arctic and common terns. The Out Skerries are the most easterly islands of Shetland and are close to Lerwick. They have three small islands and several skerries. It is thought that the Skerries were named after the islands because of their remoteness. The Old Norse word for ‘eastern’ distinguishes Skerries from the Ve Skerries.

Where is fetlar?

The population of Fetlar was 61 at the time of the census in 2011. Houbie is the main settlementon the south coast.

How are Skerries formed?

Formation. The outlet of the fjords is where submerged valleys at right angles to the coast join with other cross valleysin a complex array.

What is the population of Lerwick?

Half of the islands’ 22,000 people live within 10 miles of Lerwick, which has a population of about

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