Does anyone live on Boreray?

A new discovery shows that a farming community lived on Boreray as far back as the prehistoric period. The agricultural remains and settlement mounds give us a glimpse into the lives of the early inhabitants. The last islanders, Rachel Johnson, died in 2016 at the age of 93; she had been eight years old when she left. Main Street is the main street of the village. There were 17 people living on Soay when Anne arrived in 1990. There have been many changes over Soay. Anne and Robert have no intention of leaving.

Do people live on Hirta?

As many as 35 people live on the main island of Hirta during the summer. National Trust for Scotland, Ministry of Defence workers, volunteers and scientists are some of the staff. The military station has about 10 staff who live on the islands for a month at a time.

Why are there no trees on St Kilda?

When the school in the village was opened, none of the children knew what a tree was when shown a photo of one.

What language did they speak in St Kilda?

The first language of the Outer Hebrides is Gaelic. The islands are the main stronghold of this language in Scotland, and one of the few places where you can hear it as you travel around.

What language did the people of St Kilda speak?

St Kilda is thought to have existed for at least two thousand years. There are traces of Neolithic sites prior to the settlement by Scots.

Who owns Soay island?

Along with the rest of the archipelago, Soay is owned by the National Trust for Scotland and is managed by NatureScot as a nature reserve. It is not likely that this island ever had a permanent home.

Where is Boreray?

Two kilometres north of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland lies the island of Boreray.

Can you stay on St Kilda Scotland?

Visitors can only stay at a small campsite on St Kilda. You should book the campsite prior to booking your travel with us.

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