Do you have to take a ferry to get to Powell River?

If you want to bring your vehicle to the Sunshine Coast, you have to take a car ferry from either of the two destinations. All vehicles, including bicycles, and pets are welcome on these ferries. The trip from Vancouver to Powell River takes about five hours. The Powell River Sea Kayak is located about 30 minutes north of Powell River. How do I get to Powell River without a car? If you don’t own a car, the best way to get to Powell River is by ferry and bus.

How do you get to Powell River from Vancouver Island?

There isn’t a direct connection from the island to the river. You can take the ferry to Powell River if you want. You can take the bus to Merville, then take the ferry to Powell River.

How many lakes are around Powell River?

The beach of choice in the Powell River region is Mowat Bay Park on Powell Lake.

Is there a ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Powell River?

There isn’t a direct connection from the ferry terminal to Powell River. You can take the walk to Horseshoe Bay, take the ferry to Langdale, take the walk to Langdale Terminal, and then take the bus to Powell River.

How much does it cost to take a car on the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria?

How much does the ferry from Victoria to Vancouver cost? The prices are in Canadian dollars and include a fuel surcharge, but not the goods and services tax. The cost for a car and driver is $74.70.

Do you pay both ways on BC Ferries?

You can get two ferries on one fare if you drive right through. You pay your fare at Horseshoe Bay and then take the ferry to Langdale and the one at EarlsCove – Saltery Bay.

Do you have to pay for the ferry to Powell River?

Saltery Bay crossing time is 50 minutes. Child aged and under is free.

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