Can you visit the Skerries?

There are two passenger trips per day to Rockabil Lighthouse and Lambay Island. You can kayak to the St. Patrick’s and Colt Islands, which are located between 0.5 and 1.5 km off thenorth Dublin coast. The Skerries community is well established and there are plenty of family-sized homes on offer. The playground on the beach is popular with local families. The Skerries are a small group of rocky islands on the north coast of Northern Ireland. The small island of Castle Isle is also known as Winkle Isle. An Area of Special Scientific Interest includes the islands.

Who owns lambay Island?

The family seat of the Baring family is the isle of Lambay, which is home to Lambay Irish Whiskey. Alex Baring (7th Baron Revelstoke) is in charge of daily management and it is supported by the wider family.

Can you visit Rockabill island?

Skerries Sea Tours takes passengers to Rockabill Lighthouse and Lambay Island. Skerries Sea Tours offers a unique and often stunning exploration of the rich bird and wildlife as well as an informative guide to the local history, culture and heritage of the area.

Who lives on the Skerries?

The only people living on the island are the two RSPB wardens who spend three months of the year here monitoring the tern population.

What is Rush like to live in?

Rush is a popular commuter town for those looking for a strong sense of community, decent-sized family homes and a host of activities and amenities for children and adults alike, with strong transport links to the city.

What is Balbriggan like to live in?

It has good and bad areas. I think it’s a lovely place to live. Good sports clubs, a good rail link, and easy access to the motor way. Excellent Girls secondary schools are quite good.

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