Can you visit Rockall?

The Rockall Club is visited by Visiting Rockall. It is not cheap to visit Rockall. Good weather and a lot of luck are required for a landing. North Uist, an island in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, is the nearest permanently inhabited place. Rockall was incorporated as a part of Scotland in 1972 bythe United Kingdom. Lewis and Harris is the largest island with an area of 2,17square kilometres.

How deep is the water around Rockall?

It is 600 metres beneath the surface, rising 1,500 metres from thesurrounding seabed.

When did the Rockall dispute start?

An agreement was reached between the British and Irish governments on delimitation of the continental shelf between the two countries, according to an answer from the Irish Ministerof Foreign Affairs.

Why did St Kilda get evacuated?

A number of factors, including an outbreak of illness, crop failure and the outbreak of World War I, made it more difficult for the islanders to maintain their self sufficiency.

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