Can you visit Inaccessible Island?

It is officially an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, but in reality it is self-governing. Nightingale Island is part of the Nightingale Islands. The three are regularly visited for research and scientific purposes. It is possible to visit the island. Visitors are only allowed to visit the island if they are part of a cruise ship itinerary. Inaccessible Island was made a UNESCO World Heritage site in

Why is Inaccessible Island forbidden?

The scientists were not able to get to the interior of the island. Inaccessible Island was declared a nature reserve in 1976. The islanders were allowed to harvest seabirds from the island.

Can you visit Gough Island?

Due to its remoteness and severe weather, only a few vessels visit the island each year.

Can I go to Bouvet Island?

There is only one spot on the island where people can easily access it. The area is mostly free of ice and has a weather station.

Is there inbreeding on Tristan da Cunha?

Four illegitimate children and their descendants were excluded from the mean coefficients of inbreeding for the entire living population ofTris- tan da Cunha.

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