Can you visit Chagos Islands?

There are no tours to the Chagos Archipelago. It is only possible to visit one or two sites by private yacht with the permission of the BIOT administration. The British Indian Ocean Territory is not a tourist destination. A permit is required in advance of travel. There are no commercial flights or permits for boats in the Indian Ocean. The 1966 agreement between the British and American governments to provide an unpopulated island for a U.S. military base violated the Chagossian right of occupation, according to human rights advocates.

Who owns Chagos island?

There were two problems with the Chagos, one of which was that they were inhabited.

Who lives on Chagos Islands?

The Chagossians are a Creole ethnic group native to the Chagos Islands and other parts of theChagos Archipelago.

Can the public visit Diego Garcia?

Official visitors and mission-essential personnel are the only ones allowed to access Diego Garcia. The commanding officer of the U.S. Navy Support Facility approved country clearance for personnel travelling to Diego Garcia.

Can I live in British Indian Ocean Territory?

The British Indian Ocean Territory is not a tourist destination and the Outer Islands are uninhabited. There is a permit needed in advance of travel.

Does anyone live in British Indian Ocean Territory?

4,000 U.S. and British military and contract civilian personnel are stationed on the islands. There are 23 square miles of land in the territory.

Is Maldives part of the British Indian Ocean Territory?

Since 1814, the British Indian Ocean Territory has been under British control. The center of the Indian Ocean is close to BIOT. The nearest neighbours are theMaldives.

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