Can you travel to Easter Island now?

Travelers should avoid travel to Easter Island if they are not up to date with their vaccines. You may still be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 even if you are up to datewith your vaccines. Santiago, the capital city of Easter Island, has a higher crime rate than any other big city. You would take the same precautions in a large city. Easter Island doesn’t have a lot of crime, but it’s wise to keep an eye on your money. It takes a lot of time to fly to the island. There is only one flight a day from Santiago to Easter Island. If you want to reach Santiago in 6 hours, you need to add a flight.

Is there a ferry to Easter Island?

There are no harbours on Easter Island. Sometimes a supply boat goes from Valparaiso. Lan from either Santiago or Tahiti is the only practical way to go by air.

Does Easter Island have an airport?

Easter Island Mataveri Intl Airport is the only airport on the island. It can also be referred to as Mataveri Intl.

Why are there no flights to Easter Island?

LATAM airlines suspended flights from Santiago to Easter Island after a group of women protested the arrival of flights due to the coronaviruses.

Can you swim on Easter Island?

The Easter Island beaches are great for swimming. The sea in this part of the Pacific Ocean is turquoise in color and has a perfect temperature.

Are there snakes on Easter Island?

There are no snakes on the island. The missionaries introduced sheep and goats to the island in the 19th century. The horse population is enormous and even outnumbers people.

How expensive is Easter Island?

The entrance fee to the Rapa Nui National Park is for non-Chilean visitors. You can buy a ticket at the National Park booth after baggage claim at Mataveri Airport.

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