Can you go to Seal Island?

Tourists can take road journey till hout Bay and then board a boat or jetty to visit the island. The views of the mountains on the boat ride are amazing. 45 minutes to the boat ride and you entera huge seal colony. There are many ways to visit seal island. Most people buy a cruise around the island. We take a kayak. You can hire one or use your own.

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park
  • Swimming.
  • Snorkelling.
  • Canoeing.
  • Kayaking.
  • Kiteboarding.

Seal Island is located in CapeTown, South Africa.

Where can I see seals in Cape Town?

In the quaint harbour town of Hout Bay, you’ll find Animal Ocean’s boat, ready and waiting to take you just offshore to Seal Island, home to a colony of close to Cape Fur Seals.

How far is Seal Island from mainland?

Seal Island, also known as Seal Rock, is an island in the Australian state of South Australia located in Encounter Bay off the south coast of Victor Harbor.

Where can I see seals in St Ives?

Seal Island can be seen from the coast path. You can see a group of small rocky islands off the shore if you head west from Porthmeor Beach on the famous path. Seal Island is the largest of theseracks.

Where can I see seals in Adelaide?

There are many NZ Fur Seals on the rocks at Wright Island. Seal Bay is a great place to view sea lions, but if you aren’t on your itinerary it’s a budget and time hike to get there.

Where can you see seals in Perth?

Australian sea lions, bottlenose dolphins and a large range of marine bird life can be found on Carnac island, which is perhaps the best location for snorkeling in Perth.

How do you get to Penguin Island from Perth?

Public Transport
  1. Take the train south from Perth on the Mandurah line and disembark at the Rockingham Station.
  2. Catch bus 551, 552 or 553 from stands 9 or 10 outside the train station and get off on Penguin & Watts Road.
  3. Walk along Penguin Road towards the beach to our shop.

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