Can you go to Deception Island?

The top 10 Deception Island cruises. You can explore the vast white continent of Antarctica during 11 days aboard the Sylvia Earle. There are seals and penguins in their natural habitat. During this voyage, fly across Drake Passage. The climate of Deception Island is cold. The temperature range is from +C to -C. It is an active volcano in the South Shetland Islands. Its landscape consists of barren volcanic slopes, steaming beaches and glaciers.

Is Deception Island an active volcano?

Mountainous, half covered by glaciers and mostly covered with black volcanic ash, Deception is an active volcano. The island is a caldera, a circle of craggy hills around a lagoon.

Are there any hot springs in Antarctica?

There is only one hot spring-fed lagoon in the world.

Are the Shetland Islands part of Antarctica?

The islands were claimed by the United Kingdom in theearly century.

Are there penguins on Deception Island?

One of the largest colonies in the world is comprised of over 100,000 breeding pairs of penguins.

When did Deception Island last erupt?

In 1970, the last eruption of Deception Island, it was more violent than its predecessors.

Who owns the Antarctica?

It doesn’t belong to anyone. There isn’t a single country that has Antarctica. A group of nations are in an international partnership. The Treaty of the Antarctica was signed on December 1, 1959 and designates the continent to be devoted to peace and science.

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