Can you go on Buck Island?

Buck Island is a great place to go on an adventure. You will need a boat to get to the island. Trips to Buck Island are offered by six National Park Service concessionaires. The islands are reached by several airlines. You can travel to Green Cay Marina east of Christiansted by car. Buck Island Reef National Monument does not have an entry fee.

What is Buck Island famous for?

Buck Island has one of the world’s most important beaches for hawksbill sea turtles and also provides a safe place for local and migratory birds, including brown pelicans and least terns.

Is there a ferry to Buck Island?

There is no way to get to Buck Island. There are different sizes of charters that can fit your needs. A full day charter to Buck Island will cost about $

Can you swim to Buck Island St. Croix?

How to get to Buck Island. You have to have access to a boat to swim there. The National Park Service allows one boat that is specifically allowed to take tourists to Buck Island.

Why is Buck Island protected?

Landskassen is an act by the land treasure to appropriate rural lands by the government for their protection. The landskassen of St. Croix were controlled by the colonialskassen.

Can you get to Buck Island from St. Thomas?

The National Park Service licenses tour guides for Buck Island. If you want to see the beauty of this national monument, you can take a boat charter from Captain Nathan.

Can you kayak to Buck Island from St. Croix?

There is a road that leads to the beach in front of the Coakley Bay condos. You could park on the side of the road, walk to the beach by the little dirt road, and then take your kayak out from there. It is across from Buck Island.

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