Can you go into Castle Island?

The area’s most popular beach is Castle Island, which is just a couple of miles from Downtown Boston. Castle Island, Pleasure Bay Beach, and the other South Boston beaches arefree to the public. Pleasure Bay is protected and you can swim in it. Thanks to the harbor clean-up 20 years ago, the wateris clean and clear. There is a place called Castle Island. There are a lot of street parking and a large parking lot by the Fort. You can take a tour of the fort grounds, watch the airport and fishermen from the pier, and see planes coming in for a landing.

Are the bathrooms open at Castle Island?

The public restrooms are closed. There is exhibit space. There are courtyards for relaxation on Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Can dogs go to Castle Island?

Dogs are allowed to join you on the beach during the off season. Call for more information.

Can you bike Castle Island?

Bikes are not allowed on the path around the bay or on the island. One of the oldest fortified sites in the country is Fort Independence, where you can watch wind surfers on the water.

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