Can you get to Desolation Sound by car?

You can either take a road trip or fly into Powell River with Pacific Coastal Airlines. There are car rentals available. We are 30 minutes north of Powell River if you take the ferry from Little River to Powell River. The Desolation Sound Parks can be accessed from either Lund Harbour or Okeover Harbour Government Dock. People will arrive by boat from Georgia Strait. There is a park next to the government dock. It takes 1h 50m to get from Vancouver to Desolation Sound.

Why is Desolation Sound warm?

The warm ocean temperatures are due to a fortunate quirk of geography. The convergence of the tidal flow from both directions is what lies at the inside of Desolation Sound.

Where is the warmest water in Desolation Sound?

Desolation Sound is less than 200 miles from Seattle and can be sailed from the waterfall at Princess Louisa. The warmest swimming waters north of Baja can be found in this shallow network of waterways.

Can you fish in Desolation Sound?

Yes, you can fish, and many people do so, and aresuccessful as well.

How long does it take to get to Desolation Sound by boat?

You can take a two week vacation from Anacortes. You have a chance to relax if you have three weeks or more. You will need 24 hours to get to Desolation Sound from Anacortes.

Is Savary Island in Desolation Sound?

Savary Island is located in the Straight of Georgia. It is accessible by float plane, boat, barge or water taxi from Lund. Savary has white sand beaches, beautiful swimming waters, and stunning oceanand mountain views.

Is Powell River an island?

Powell River is a community isolated by ocean and mountains and is only accessible by water. Driving the length of Highway 101 requires two ferries before you can get to Horseshoe Bay.

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