Can tourists go to White Island?

The White Island volcano’s mouth was open to visitors despite warnings about steam and gas. There was a quiet above the noiseof the boat engine. A 2.5 to 3-hour tour of White Island costs $895 and a 3.5-hour tour that takes in both White Island and Mount Tarawera costs $ White Island is located in northern New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty. Only guided tours can get you there. The closest town to White Island is Whakatane, which is miles away.

How long is the boat ride to White Island?

The boat ride from Whakatane to White Island takes 90 minutes and there are a number of tour companies to choose from. Along with the 2 hours or so spent on the island itself, your entire trip could take about 5 hours so make sure that you have booked a place to stay in Whakatane at least for one night.

How many died on White Island?

Out of the 47 tourists who were on Whakaari-White Island when it erupted, 22 would die. The victims include 17 Australian tourists, three international travellers and two local guides. In the days and weeks that followed, somedied on the island.

Who owns the White Island?

Anne. One of the few privately-owned islands in New Zealand is owned by the Buttle family. The title shows their company as the registered owner of the land.

How many people visit White Island a year?

White Island is the uninhabited moonscape of New Zealand’s most active volcano. Over 10,000 people visit the volcano each year on a private island off the east coast of the country’s North Island.

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